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The Digest of International Investment Jurisprudence is a not–for–profit service by the International Investment Law Centre Cologne at the University of Cologne. Through this digest we aim to help scholars, practitioners and students in their work and studies by providing a systematic collection of statements made by investment tribunals regarding international investment law.

Currently, the Digest features over 1000 statements made by investment tribunals in awards from 1990-2002 and 2010-2024. Please keep in mind that this current version is just a community preview! We are constantly adding new content and improving the website. Do you have any comments, suggestions or corrections? We are eager to hear from you!

About the
International Investment Law Centre Cologne

The International Investment Law Centre Cologne (IILCC) was founded on 26 September 2008 in Cologne, Germany, as a part of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cologne.

In addition to offering many courses, practical seminars, and moot courts, the purpose of the IILCC is to conduct research in the field of international investment law. The IILCC organizes conferences on international investment law on a regular basis. An aim of the IILCC is to promote an exchange between the practice of international investment law and academic study. The library at the Centre has a broad selection of current literature on the subject in addition to the latest journal publications. The IILCC supports the research of students, in particular doctorate students and candidates as well as master students.

Further information is available on the IILCC website.

Community Preview

This current version of the Digest is just a community preview - its coverage of the field of international investment law and all of the awards issued to date is far from complete. The full development of this Digest will take place on a step-by-step, constantly evolving basis.

We did not want to delay putting available content online until having analysed every award ever published, as we believe the website and the idea behind the project might be of some use already.

Thus, feel free to benefit from the work already completed. Visit the site regularly, as we are adding new content and improving its functionality. We encourage you to share your thoughts with us, both on the project itself and/or specific content. We are eager to hear from you!

Rules Applied

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes within the awards and decisions were not corrected.
  • Dissenting opinions are not included in this Digest. An indication that one of the arbitrators issued an individual or dissenting opinion is, however, listed in the information regarding the award at the beginning of each statement.
  • Awards or statements, which were annulled, are included in the Digest.
  • Only jurisdictional decisions and awards - and no decisions on procedural measures - are included in this Digest.
  • Inasmuch as a single statement is relevant in several contexts, it is filed multiple times under different sections of the site. For example, a statement by a tribunal concerning both indirect expropriation and fair and equitable treatment would be found in both sections of "Browse by Topics." In case the question also concerns a treaty section, such as Art. 1110 of NAFTA, it would also be available in the appropriate "Browse by Articles" section.
  • We omitted the text of footnotes in the quoted passages. However, the reference within the text was left untouched.
  • As far as references were made within the quotation of a tribunal's decision itself, these were not deleted.
  • While our main goal was to determine the abstract underlying concepts of a tribunal's decision, there are several cases where the interesting statement was made on applying the treaty to the given facts of the case in question. This required us to include longer quotations of a tribunal's decision from time to time.